Current Awards

HMS Ferries – Gees Bend Ferry

This project involved replacement of five diesel engines used by the ferry with a fully battery-electric powered system.  The project is of national significance for the passenger vessel industry and serves as a model for companies and operators seeking cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels.  This battery electric technology eliminates 100% of the diesel emissions that… Read More

Middle Georgia Clean Air Coalition

Middle Georgia Clean Air Coalition (MGCAC) started out with a vision for cleaner air.  In 2003, two Middle Georgia counties were designated as non-attainment and one county designated as a contributor to that non-attainment. The non-attainment designation presented a big challenge for the local area.   With base realignments and closures occurring across the country, the… Read More

Norfolk Southern

In Georgia, Norfolk completed 41 total switcher locomotive conversions by replacing the old unregulated or TIER 0 locomotives with a combination of 25 Mother Eco Switcher Locomotives meeting TIER 3 and 16 slugs.  The Mother Eco Locomotives and Slugs are easily recognizable by the green wave. The slug provides electric tractive effort using power from… Read More

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