Current Awards

Buddy Dyer, City of Orlando

Mayor Buddy Dyer is a visionary leader.  He has been outspoken about the importance of clean and renewable energy.  He is committed to Sierra Club’s Mayors for 100% Clean Energy initiative.  He is committed to a goal of using 100% renewable sources to provide electricity for the municipalities by 2030 and using 100% renewable sources… Read More

City Furniture

City Furniture is setting an example of how small companies can make a big difference protecting the environment.   City Furniture has stores in south Florida with pride in its small local community business origins.  The company currently has 108 trucks in its fleet used to deliver furniture.   The company is committed to converting its fleet… Read More

City of Chattanooga

The City of Chattanooga has demonstrated outstanding leadership through its commitment to clean air.  In 1969, Walter Cronkite announced Chattanooga as the dirtiest city in America because of air pollution.  The announcement was a wake-up call, and the City of Chattanooga responded through a collaborative effort laying the ground work for what has become a… Read More

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