Southeast Diesel Collaborative

The (SEDC) is part of EPA’s National Clean Diesel Campaign, a program combining regulatory measures with voluntary initiatives to reduce the pollution emitted from diesel engines across the country.

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Aiming to reduce vehicle emissions and promote sustainability in the Salt Lake Valley, the Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling District (WFWRD) in Utah has fully transitioned its residential collection truck fleet away from diesel fuel to be powered, instead, by compressed natural gas (CNG).

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Toyota started testing a hydrogen fuel cell truck in a secret project to make an economic case for zero-emission fuel cell technology in commercial trucks.

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Its emissions are equivalent to that of a bus or truck powered by electricity from a modern natural-gas-fueled power plant, the company says. Put another way, converting the 2,200 transit buses in L.A. to the new engine would result ‘in the total NOx emissions from the entire fleet being the equivalent of what was emitted by just two buses in 1985.’

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