Southeast Diesel Collaborative

The (SEDC) is part of EPA’s National Clean Diesel Campaign, a program combining regulatory measures with voluntary initiatives to reduce the pollution emitted from diesel engines across the country.

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A new BSR initiative brings together major fuel buyers to scope out the market for alternative fuels and heavy-duty electric vehicles.

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Protec Fuel Management LLC has completed a project to enable the City of Hollywood, Fla., to run all of its flex fuel-capable vehicles on the cleaner-burning biofuel E85.

Protec, a distributor of higher-ethanol-blend fuels to independent retailers and government fleets, worked closely with city management to design a customized, turnkey fueling solution to meet the needs of Hollywood’s fleet.

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“The history of aviation is marked by people achieving extraordinary things, despite the conventional wisdom of the time telling them it couldn’t be done.” — Air Transport Action Group

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