– Team Expanding Knowledge of, Access to Truck Stop Electrification

A new initiative is rising that is focused on growing the understanding of what TSE–Truck Stop electrification–is and how it can help make the USA healthier, stronger… and more efficient.

Visit to see the initiative website, and learn more about TSE.  The site includes first and foremost the ability to learn what TSE is, where TSE is, and what truck drivers themselves say about the various types of TSE equipment they use while driving America’s highways.  But another main objective of the initiative is to get truck drivers, trucking companies, and the general public to Take the Pledge.

Taking the pledge signifies that you support TSE as one good option for reducing the large amount of idling that takes place in America’s trucking community, in large part due to truck idling during overnight or otherwise resting periods.

The team holds monthly calls about the initiative and you can join in – just email Jonathan Overly [the project PI at jonathan(at)] and he can add you to the TeamTSE email list.  The TeamTSE initiative is an outgrowth of the “Crossroads TSE” project that was funded by EPA and is also installing six TSE sites across the southeast from as far north as Kentucky to as far south as Florida to expand access to TSE in the southeastern U.S.