Funding Workshop Day 1 Day 2
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Morning Morning Morning
   EPA-Port Everglades Partnership
Atlanta Regional Commission
Alternative Fuel Corridors
Truck Parking in North Carolina
Norfolk Southern’s Criteria for Switcher Repower Selection
Fuel Efficiency Improvements Through Truck Platooning and Automation
Republic Locomotive
Afternoon Afternoon Afternoon
Volkswagen Settlement Agreement Tampering and Aftermarket Defeat Devices Autogas Answers: Your Fleet Fueling Needs
AFLEET & Heavy-Duty Vehicle Emissions Calculator The Diesel Retrofit Experience Alternative Fuels: ROUSH Offerings
ERG Diesel Funding Optimizer CDTi Making Electrification Work: How to Successfully Deploy HDEVs
GNA’s Volkswagen Calculator Aftermarket Emission Controls for Heavy Duty Diesel  Biodiesel
DERA Grants  Effenco
FHWA Funding Sources Transportation: Moving Greensboro in the 21st Century
FAA Diesel Emission Reduction Programs  North American Council for Freight Efficiency
ConserFund and Mini-Grant Program Return on Investment: Liquified Natural Gas
What Do Clean Cities Coalitions Do?